News and Events

March 2020

Walker to publish a 3rd picture book for Christmas 2021

The School Magazine publishes a story in verse – A Not So Ordinary Afternoon.

Larrikin to publish a 3rd picture book in 2021-2022

December 2019

Cover reveal. Picture book with Larrikin House due out July/August 2020
Poem, The Moon, published by root & star and included in their calendar.

November 2019

Picture book text – Betsy’s Bargain Bloomers shortlisted
Poem – My Island shortlisted
The School Magazine to publish A Sticky Situation (poem)
The School Magazine to publish My Mother’s Hands (poem)
4 poems to be used on The Reading Realm ipad app
Root & Star to publish The Moon (poem)

Scholastic to publish a picture book in 2021
Larrikin House to publish – Mummy’s Smell Like Roses in 2020 (picture book)
The School Magazine to publish Breathe (poem)
The School Magazine to publish Metamorphosis (poem)
Walker to publish my picture book Road Trip for early 2021
Larrikin House to publish my picture book Temper Tabitha in March 2020
Two stories selected for this anthology
Awarded a May Gibbs Creative Time Fellowship April 2019


The Croc and the Platypus-COV
The Croc and the Platypus has been shortlised  for the Speech Pathology
speech pathology
Australia Book of the Year Awards 2015


facebook cover

Click HERE to hear Andrew Hansen reading The Croc and the Platypus


1st November


The Girl from South Victoria

There was typing in the office with a story on the boil
And the girl who writes in rhyme was on her way
She was borrowing a story that she hoped she wouldn’t spoil
But Edward Lear’s not here so who’s to say.
She’d heard the story years ago, her Grandma told it well
She loved the singsong meter and the rhyme
This might have been the start where poems weaved their magic spell
Cause now she writes in meter all the time

She wrote an Aussie version of the Owl and Pussycat
She popped them in a rusty Holden Ute
She wishes she’d included now a large Akubra hat
Instead she packed some damper in the boot
The great Australian outback is where the beasts were sent
No pea-green boat or travels out to sea
This crocodile and platypus went searching for a tent
And kept away from Edward Lear’s Bong-tree

She sent the text to Walker, she’d always loved their books
And she thought that this was something that they’d like
She pitched it to the publisher in hope that she’d get hooked
And not be told to go and take a hike
She waited and she waited and waited for some more
Then tentatively asked them what they thought
They thought it had potential could she wait a little more
Well patience is a virtue she’d been taught

And then an opportunity, one she had to take
A Maurice Saxby Mentorship to win
She needed an acceptance for all her family’s sake
Who wished that she would grow some thicker skin
Imagine her delight when she was chosen to take part
She emailed Walker asking for permission
She knew it was important to be honest from the start
As the Croc and Platypus was their submission

They were very understanding and they wished her all the best
They explained that there were never guarantees
But she was quite determined, and so you might have guessed
She left the text with Walker yes indeed
She emailed Maurice Saxby and explained to him her plight
And asked that they withdraw the text in question
She sent off a replacement and she hoped with all her might
That it wouldn’t give them verbal indigestion

Eventually the day arrived to meet the mentor folk
Elizabeth and Kevin Burgemeestre
She was really fabulous and he’s a super bloke
And neither of them wished her Happy Easter! (because it wasn’t)
They sat around the table and imagine her surprise
When Croc and Platypus turned up as well
But the story was improved with many thanks to both those guys
And Walker sent the contract which was swell.

19th November


A FREE event – register your interest here


24th August

The authors shelf
Tune in at 12pm on Sunday to hear me chat about The Croc and the Platypus, Rhyme and Meter, PASS IT ON & my Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service

mic etc



29th August


An all day event with classroom sessions, readings, book signings and lots of fun!


11th September

Mr Fraser’s
Literary Luncheon


Burwood RSL

 Where I’ll be joined by all these fabulous people!

Jill Bruce
Charlotte Calder
Moya Simons
Libby Gleeson
Di Wu
Toni Brisland
David Legge
Liz Anelli
Peter Macinnis
Sue Murray
Sadami Konchi
Susanne Gervay
Pamela Freeman
Sue Whiting
Kellie Bollard
Wendy Fitzgerald
Belinda Murrell
Christopher Cheng
Lesley Vamos
Louise Pfanner
Dawn Meredith
Anna Fienberg
Penny Azar
Jesse Blackadder
Amanda Diaz- Harpercollins
Bruce Whatley
P J Tierney
Gabrielle Tozer
David Mulligan
Patricia Bernard
Duncan Ball
Colin Lucre
Marcelle Bernard
Carmel English – scholastic



13th September

Diamond Creek

The Croc and the Platypus will be trundling off to The Diamond Creek Rotary Town Fair thanks to



30th September & 1st October


Another Croc and Platypus adventure thanks to


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