Testimonials & Successes

Testimonials from users of my editing service some of whom have gone on to have an edited work published.

(Please get in touch if you would like to be included here.)


Jackie it’s just beautiful! Yes please continue on this story! It’s perfect!

Susan W


Many thanks for this, Jackie! I always love your ideas.

Peter T


Thanks Jackie…a colleague once referred to you as the Guru of verse…I am seeing why!!

Chris C


Thank you Jackie, that’s useful feedback.

Michelle L


Thank you, this is great.

Laura R


Thank you so much for the fab suggestions and changes so far. You have great eyes and ears!

Marian M


Hi Jackie, some great notes. Thank you.

Michael F


Thanks so much Jackie. I have been a bit paranoid about my rhyming. You have given me great peace of mind AND some fantastic comments.

Renee T


Thanks very much jackie! Very much appreciated!

Emma N


Thank you sincerely for the wonderful work you have done here.

Moneera M


Thank you so much for your advice – I’m certainly taking it all on board.

Pip W


I want to thank you again for your feedback on my work. I started with very little idea on how to write in rhyme but thanks to your advice and your handbook I feel much more confident.

Laura W


Wow, that was quick! Thanks so much for the great suggestions Jackie – and the positive feedback (much needed at version 14!). I think I’m starting to better grasp meter, but working through your notes will help a lot.

Jade H


Thanks heaps for the time and effort. It’s a good eye-opener and a reminder how things can always be improved. I think the changes you suggest really work and I can see how I need to work a bit harder to find the right word/ryhme/metre and not settle for “near enough is good enough.”

Rod M


Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Lucy W


Your edits and suggestions are so good. You solved one that I had been having trouble with for ages, which is fab!

Ramona D



Caroline Tuohey







Your manuscript assessment for my rhyming picture book ‘Climb’ was
invaluable. You offered constructive suggestions and guidance where needed
and re-enforced with positive comment that my story was one worth pursuing.
At the publisher’s final edit stage, a suggestion was made to change one of my
lines of text and after I explained that you had assessed the manuscript and
hadn’t felt the need to change or alter that particular line, it was left as is.

My website address is: www.carolinetuohey.com

Climb is distributed by Dennis Jones & Associates, and can be purchased from
selected bookstores, online bookshops, my website and the publisher’s website
(Little Steps Publishing) www.littlesteps.com.au


Maura Finn

Little Red Boots

Last year you critiqued my story The Little Red Boots. It then went on to win first place in the preschool category of last year’s CYA comp and was accepted for publication by ‘New Frontier’ in Jan this year. Your feedback was particularly helpful on the second to last stanza where you more or less reminded me not to be lazy and to keep to my rhyme scheme. We all know the value of honest feedback and you managed to convey this in a kind and encouraging way. Thanks.


Peter Taylor












Published by Five Mile Press May 2014

More details to come…


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