Jackie’s Rhyming Editing Service

If you have a children’s rhyming poem, rhyming picture book text or story in verse that just won’t behave itself, send it to me and we’ll soon have it sorted out!


To make an enquiry email me at jackiehosking@bigpond.com anytime

Some Testimonials

Dear Jackie, I love all of your improvements, thank you so much. You have helped enormously. It is just the support I need while trying my hand at poetry for the first time. What an amazing service you provide and it is so generous of you to share your talent with others. Best wishes…

Emily I

Hi Jackie, thank you so much for the edit. I am really appreciative of the feedback and have some renewed enthusiasm now to get it finished and to make it better.

Kerrod A

Thank you Jackie, your advice is invaluable.

Angela C

Hi Jackie, I wanted to say a huge thank you again. I’ve just had time to go through everything and I’m so appreciative of all your advice and edits. My story sounds so much better.

Samantha S

Hi Jackie, thanks so much for this really helpful feedback on my story. So good! I have to admit that it’s taken me a few attempts to start getting my head around stressed syllables – being able to identify which words hold the stress and being able to recognise that in my writing. Each time I review your comments and suggestions, it sinks in a bit more, so thank you.

Alexandra G

BIG THANK YOU very much Jackie. LOVE all the EDITS, you are AMAZING. I’ve read all your notes and will learn from them all. Warm wishes…

Sharron A

Thank you so very much.

Sally B

Hi Jackie, Thank you so much for doing this work for me. I really appreciate it. I would love you to continue with it and once again, thank you for your detailed feedback.

Jan E

Gosh Jackie, you really have a gift. Thank you so much. This is just so much better. Reading it out loud just makes so much more sense hearing it your way.

Mistie D

Massive help! I’ve felt super stuck and this gives soooo much needed tweaks and adjustments – biggest thanks Jackie!

Jess R

4 thoughts on “Jackie’s Rhyming Editing Service

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  3. This is a fabulous post, Jackie. I learned a lot. Thank you. I thought I already had a copy of your book, but couldn’t find it, so am ordering now. I’m sure it will be very helpful.

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