COMPETITIONS – for writers of rhyme and metre



email me for an entry form


For writers of Rhyme and Metre

And the winners are…

It’s that time again…





And the Winners are…

It’s that time again – Jackie’s Spring

Poetry/Verse stories for children Competition…


Email me for an entry form

The Prizes…

  • 1st prize
    • A Rhyming MS edit to the value of $135 (3 hours)
    • FREE participation in my Metre Matters Course $65
    • 8th Edition of “Australian Children’s Publishers Accepting Unsolicited MSS”. $10
    • 2-year subscription to PASS IT ON $60
    • 3 picture books $75
    • TOTAL VALUE – $345
  • 2nd prize
    • A Rhyming MS edit to the value of $90 (2 hours)
    • A copy of “Rhyme Like the Experts” $10
    • 8th Edition of “Australian Children’s Publishers Accepting Unsolicited MSS”. $10
    • 1-year subscription to PASS IT ON $30
    • 2 picture books $50
    • TOTAL VALUE – $190
  • 3rd prize
    • A Rhyming MS edit to the value of $45 (1 hour)
    • A copy of “Rhyme Like the Experts” $10
    • 8th Edition of “Australian Children’s Publishers Accepting Unsolicited MSS”. $10
    • 1-year subscription to PASS IT ON $30
    • 1 picture book $25
    • TOTAL VALUE – $120


It’s that time again – Jackie’s Spring Poetry/Verse stories for children Competition…

Running from now until 30th November 2017

Email for an entry form



It’s that time again – but this time Summer is in the air and what better way to celebrate than with a Xmas Competition…

Running from 15th November to 15th January 2017

Email me for an entry form...
Email me for an entry form…


And the winners are….

Winners 2015

Current Competition is Closed. Stay tuned for Results…

It’s that time again – Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than with a Spring Competition…

Running from 1st September to 31st October 2015

Spring Comp 2015

Winners Spring 2014

Current Competition is Closed

Running from 1st September to 31st October

Spring Comp flyer 2014







Congratulations to Kim! – you are the winner as voted by the people.

The Croc and the Platypus is on it’s way…

Thank you everyone for entering your very entertaining limericks.

As I sat down to judge them I decided that I couldn’t mainly because so many of them are about me and the book!

So what I propose is that you get your friends and family to visit this page and write a short (very short) reply under the limerick(s) you like best (please don’t vote for your own).

You have until next Friday (8th) to come up with a winner.

Good luck!

Current Competition is now CLOSED

Running from 1st July 2014 – 31st July 2014

To celebrate the release of my picture book, The Croc and the Platypus

The Croc and the Platypus-COV

(an Australian re-imagining of Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat) on 1st July, I would like to run a competition that plays tribute to another form of nonsense poetry that Edward Lear popularised – the limerick.

What is a limerick?

The Limerick below – won an Irish ‘Listowel Writers Week’ prize in 1998 and clearly illustrates the structure:
Writing a Limerick’s absurd,
Line one and line five rhyme in word,
And just as you’ve reckoned
They rhyme with the second;
The fourth line must rhyme with the third.

So the rhyme scheme is (AABBA)

The theme is open but humour is compulsory.

The funniest limerick will win.



1. This is a free competition.

2. To be eligible – I ask that you follow this blog

3. Entries must appear in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below

4. You can enter as many times as you like

5. I will judge all entries and my decision will be final

6. The winner will be announced in August

7. The winner will receive a copy of The Croc and the Platypus


75 thoughts on “COMPETITIONS – for writers of rhyme and metre

  1. There was a young man called Steven
    Who had some trouble believin’
    When they called Fire, Fire,
    He replied Liar, Liar,
    And now his poor family are grievin’.

  2. There was a young boy called Finn
    You could say his rhymes were a sin
    His verse was perverse
    His Haiku was worse
    And this limerick should go in the bin.

  3. Jackie H has a new book in town
    Can you please pass it on, pass it round?
    She’s fond of the rhyming
    It’s all in the timing
    And the kids are just rapt with the sound

  4. I’m happy my friend wrote a book
    I can’t wait to have a good look
    I feel a bit green
    But I won’t make a scene
    I don’t want you to think I’m a sook

  5. Platypus made a chocolate cake
    He placed it on a floral plate
    Along came the croc
    Who gobbled the lot
    And left witha big tummy ache

  6. Christina was attached to her pen
    She wrote over and over again
    Enough they all said
    Your very well read
    But let somebody else try to send

  7. The Croc and the Platypus are,
    In a book that is sure to go far.
    The first book by Jackie
    I’m sure she’ll be happy;
    Best of luck your a bright shining star.

  8. As we search for a place in the sun, it seems we have less and less fun – it’s that militant mess known as O H and S, but you can go in parks with a gun

  9. There once was an owl and a kitty
    Til a poet named Jackie took pity
    Now a croc steals the show
    With his platypus beau
    In a ‘Hosking’ Australian ditty.

  10. There once was a lady named Sue,
    She didn’t quite know what to do.
    To write a new book
    With a good starting hook,
    Or to read by a sea of soft blue….

  11. Posting for Lynn Ward…

    There once was an author named Jackie
    Who never writes anything tacky
    She’s earned her success
    And I have to confess
    Her poetry’s wonderfully wacky

  12. Ms Hosking has no writer’s block
    With her tale of platy & croc
    Do they head to sea?
    Love eternally?
    Crickey, we may be in for a shock!

  13. There was an old man from Redruth
    Who was exceedingly long in the tooth,
    He said, “Lord, please have mercy
    On this your son Percy
    And show me the fountain of youth, forsooth!”

  14. Down Under, Prince George met a bilby,
    who was that day called George (and may still be.)
    “Let’s play!” said the Prince,
    “and you’d best obey since
    I’m not your king now, but I will be!”

  15. Posting for my Dad – John Hosking

    A doctor who called himself Seuss

    Once put out a platter for puss

    But the plate was a Croc(k)

    And very soon brok(e)

    And made such a terrible muss

  16. My firefly shines like a star
    With a smell that is truly bazaar
    I bet every nickel, it taste like a pickle
    Turned out it was only the jar.

  17. About Rudolph’s nose, do you know
    why it puts on its sleigh-leading show?
    It’s a bad allergy
    to holly, you see
    that causes its bright, rosy show!

  18. There once was an author called Jackie
    Whose stories were brilliantly whacky
    They’d rhyme and they’d pop
    Until readers would drop
    From exhaustion, but never from apathy.

  19. I have to win this competition,
    So to help my plan come to fruition,
    I’ve sent chocolates and wine
    And I beg that you sign
    My first Jackie Hosking edition!

    • Very gratuitous Kim. I like your style. Nine and a half out of ten for sense of desperation and sucking up to the judge!

  20. There was a young lady down under,
    Whose farts were somewhat like thunder,
    And just as she thought
    She may not get caught;
    The smell had confirmed her blunder.

  21. There once was a kid in Year One
    who wanted a pink, yummy bun.
    He ate it all up
    and drank with a cup
    and spewed it all out on the sun.
    (By Elise Ryan – age 6)

  22. This limerick entry’s my third
    But please do not think me absurd
    Competition’s contagious
    The prize is outrageous
    Notoriety’s clearly inferred…

  23. Edel Wignell
    The Australian Society of Authors ©

    The kangaroo won’t rest;
    Its legs it likes to test
    With leaps and bounds
    Around the grounds,
    And hip-hop, full of zest.


    Kanga Mums all chide,
    ‘Joeys want to hide;
    When it’s wet,
    We all fret
    For joeys play inside.’


    A hippo who liked to tussle,
    To hurry and hustle and bustle,
    Went out on a limb,
    Arrived at a gym
    And developed his hippopotamuscle.


    Said the hippo, ‘A pie for tea,
    And the sauce you get is free.
    It’s not to my taste;
    It’s such a waste.
    Hippopotomustard for me!’


    An animal is making me laugh;
    It isn’t a lamb or a calf.
    ‘My feet always smell,
    That’s why I tell:
    Long neck!’ says the young giraffe.


    A guard dog is an excellent nark,
    But a tree is a much better shark;
    Hardy and rough,
    Daunting and tough,
    A tree has a much better bark.


    Telephones get married and sing,
    ‘We are the queen and the king;
    With hearts full of joy
    We never annoy;
    We give each other a ring.’


  24. Bibbity Bobbity Boo
    Witchy tripped over her shoe
    Her cat had a giggle
    Watching her wriggle
    As she landed head first in the loo

  25. There was a young chef named Jemima,
    Who forgot to turn on the egg timer.
    The egg fully loaded,
    Promptly exploded
    And plastered the walls of her diner.

  26. There is a great man named Dick Smith
    I tell you this isn’t a myth.
    So buy OZE made
    Support Aussie trade
    So our kids can get jobs in a jiff!

  27. I find avocardios best
    for plenty of vigour and zest.
    They’re a great way to start
    to take care of the heart,
    and eliminate having arrest.

  28. Dear Jackie, a word from a novice
    Whose writing career ‘shows great promise’,
    Your book is so fine
    How I wish it was mine!
    But knowing it’s yours gives some solace!

  29. I’ll write what I have to to win
    Is flattery really a sin?
    Dear Jackie, you’re pretty,
    So clever and witty…
    And now, let the judging begin!

  30. Two ladies called Jackie and Marj
    Were out there living it large
    They had created a book
    You must take a look
    Try to win it or pay a fixed charge 🙂

  31. Today’s my last chance for success
    I’m already a blubbering mess 😦
    If I don’t win your book,
    I’ll sob and I’ll sook…
    Then I’ll buy it myself, I confess!

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