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As someone who adores writing in rhyme and metre I absolutely LOVE helping others do the same.

I have been writing and publishing things that rhyme (mostly for children) for about 20 years. To see where I’ve been published you can click here.

Metre Matters is all about WHY metre matters and HOW metre works. It gives practical and easy to follow examples along with exercises for you to do which, if you like, I can give feedback on.

Course participants will also enjoy a lifetime discount ($10 off the hourly rate) when using my Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service

Some Recent Testimonials

Thank you for putting your professional eye over my manuscript – your tips and changes have really made a great difference to the flow of the writing.


This is fantastic, thank you so much! Even after several edits I can see that your changes improve the metre instantly.


Jackie, THANK YOU! I am thrilled with this. And particularly your last line suggestion! I was mulling over this all day but couldn’t find it. Love your insight; it’s just so interesting and helpful.


Thanks Jackie. You are a whiz. Love your suggestions; they make so much sense.


Thanks so much. I really appreciate your advice and guidance.


Brilliant, thank you Jackie! I feel I’m learning so much more about picture book writing with rhyme.


To read some more testimonials for my editing service you can go here and here.

Once you sign up for the course you will be able to join the private Facebook group (The Versealots). This group will focus on writing in rhyme and metre (for children) and include opportunities for publication when they come up. Also it is the chance to make new like-minded friends.

This course can be done at your own pace.

Once you purchase it you will be sent the course details and I will add you to the Facebook group, easy peasy.

Writing in rhyme and metre can be a challenge but definitely rewarding. As I’ve always said…

Rhyme and metre, nothing’s sweeter

Bumbled verse, nothing’s worse

If you’d prefer to pay via direct debit just drop me a line and I’ll send you my details.

Oh and another thing – sign up to my Metre Matters Course and you will be able to enter my annual Spring Competition for FREE!

Now let me sign off with a quote from Gary Ross who says it all really.