Swings and roundabouts…

Round and round and up and down we go – the life of a writer. At the moment I seem to be on the way up, understanding full well, that after an “up” there is, more often than not, a “down” but until that moment happens, I’ll enjoy the ride.

My most recent news is that a picture book, written during my May Gibbs Creative Time Fellowship in Canberra, has been picked up by Scholastic Australia. This is huge for me as I’ve been sending them manuscripts for nearly four years. I’ve always felt Scholastic might be a good fit as they definitely don’t shy away from rhyme and many of their books are extremely humorous and I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a comedian. It really is the most wonderful feeling.

Just before the Scholastic acceptance I received another two acceptances from a new publisher, Larrikin House. They too are a good fit for me, funny and open to rhyme. We ran a competition to see if we could find an illustrator whose style might fit and we did – it’s such a joyous time.

Walker Books Australia will be publishing a rhyming picture book in time for Christmas next year. There’s been a change of illustrator so I’m looking forward to seeing who the new one will be – very exciting. I’m also holding my breath as another picture book goes to an acquisitions meeting next week. Nerve wracking but exciting all the same.

So while I’m up on the swing I will smile and enjoy the view and feel incredibly grateful to all who have supported me along the way. Thank you!

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