My May Gibbs Creative Time Fellowship – 2 months on…

Now that I’ve settled back in at home I’m asking myself exactly how creative was I during my month in Canberra? Well, let’s see…

I polished the text for my next picture book with Walker, due out by Christmas next year (2020).

Walker is also considering another picture book at the moment, fingers, toes and eyes are crossed.

I wrote a number of poems, one of which has been purchased by The School Magazine (they are sitting on 3 others). I also wrote a couple of picture books, one of which is being considered by one of the major publishers in Australia, for this I am holding my breath.

A new publisher Larrikin House has accepted a picture book called Temper Tabitha due out in March 2020 and is seriously considering another one.

I’ve submitted five other picture books to five different publishers that, as yet, haven’t been officially rejected – I like to live in hope, you have to in this game, so no news is good news, until it isn’t.

I submitted 3 stories and two were accepted into Michelle Worthington’s anthology – Spooktacular Stories: Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids.

And of course one of the highlights was the launch of Jackie’s French and Tania McCartney’s stunning book (in which I have two poems), This is Home: Essential Australian Poems for Children, published by The National Library of Victoria.

So all in all, pretty creative I’d say and I cannot thank the May Gibbs Trust enough for giving me that precious gift of time but I’ll give it a go…

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