If at first you don’t succeed…

…what ever you do, don’t give up!

This morning I received some lovely news. A magazine in which I’ve been longing to appear accepted a poem to be published in their Winter Issue (Christmas because they are in the northern hemisphere). I have been submitting poems to this particular magazine since 2015 – 18 poems all up and I’ve also entered their competition a few times.

This particular poem I wrote for a different magazine for their “Crows” theme. The poem I wrote is called “Stone the Crows” – the rejection was lovely but a rejection all the same.

Thank you for submitting ‘Stone the Crows.’ We weren’t able to place it in the crows issue, but we wanted to let you know that we enjoyed your style and sense of humor. We hope you’ll submit to Root & Star again in the future.

If you visit their website you’ll see that the magazine is a lovely production and I will continue to submit to them. It’s a challenge now.

The magazine that has decided to publish “Stone the Crows” is The Caterpillar Magazine.

It too is a beautiful place to be published and I can’t wait to see how it is illustrated, one of the most satisfying things when it comes to having a poem published. And oh, for anyone who is interested, the poem rhymes, of course it does.


6 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed…

    • Thanks so much Pat – I really appreciate that. It’s a hard ol’ slog sometimes but every acceptance is like a little ray of sunshine.

  1. Thanks for your encouragement Jackie. We need to hear this. Though I don’t understand at all why good work would be rejected. If they write such positive comments then why wouldn’t they use your poem? It beats me. Could you tell me please how to subscribe to your magazine and news.

    • I guess, as with anything it comes down to what fits perfectly and mine was just not quite right but all good, it fit perfectly somewhere else. Re subscribing to PASS IT ON – if you could email me directly I’ll send you the options. Thanks Eva.

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