I’ve been meaning to join in on #poetryfriday for ages

and thanks to this post on Renée LaTulippe’s blog I now know how to do it so thanks for that Renée.


This week’s host is Christie Wyman – click image

When I went to Christie’s blog, Wondering and Wandering – I was delighted to see that her blog title was “Birds of a Feather” because as it happens I have a poem with that exact same title that was published in our beloved School Magazine way back in 2008.

I’ve written many poems about birds over the years, I too love them and they seem to love me, when I come bearing gifts.

Cockatoo and King parrot

They absolutely LOVE pumpkin and sunflower seeds.



Anyway here’s my poem for this week’s Poetry Friday challenge Birds of a Feather.


25 thoughts on “POETRY FRIDAY

    • Thank you Monica – you feel a bit special when birds come close don’t you as they tend to be such nervous creatures.

    • Thanks Kat! As were yours and yes I hope to make this a regular thing. I call myself a poet and then hide in the closet 🙂

  1. Hooray! You’ve come over to the Poetry Friday side 🙂 Welcome, Jackie. I lvoe this poem, and how perfectly timed that your first post coincided with the purrfect theme for you!

  2. Well, welcome! Beyond excited you’ve joined us for Poetry Friday, Jackie. Our Aussie-residing crew is growing! Thanks for taking up my bird challenge this week. I love that you wove in animal group names. Some of them are fascinating, aren’t they? My fave is a “murder” of crows, who happen to be brilliant creatures. Cheers!

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