Self publishing has always fascinated me but I’m not a blower of my own trumpet so I’ve never gone down that track, that is, until today. Why today? Well, because next week I shall be attending a Book Week event.




The Croc and Platypus will be read, which takes about two minutes. I know I can stretch


it out a bit but it’s not a very long book, it’s a poem really, as is Edward Lear’s The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

So…..I’ve been searching about for some other things to read and from my experience, preppies or foundation students as they are now known (in Australia at least), like a picture to go with a story. My next picture book with black dog books isn’t due out until next year and my poetry, while illustrated beautifully thanks mostly to The School Magazine, is still very short. So what to do?

Recently I entered a story into a competition. It didn’t win but it did get itself this lovely comment…..

What a cheeky rhyming story with a delicious finish. Rhyme can often hinder the writing process, but you have captured it beautifully. It is clear you are well-versed in the writing process and have a polished manuscript to prove it. We encourage you to submit your story to publishers.

Then it got this quite nice rejection from Scholastic….

This is very humorous! Unfortunately, if you have a look at the picture book titles of the last 12 months, this topic has been WELL covered. We even have our own picture book in this area just recently released.

So sadly, we won’t be able to take this title.

So I have a picture book, a funny, polished picture book but I think its ship may have sailed at least as far as traditional publishers are concerned which is why I’ve decided to jam it into a pdf, quick and dirty, with the help of CANVA, a graphic designy sort of site that I’ve very amateurishly used for the purpose of having something fun to read during book week that’s also got some pictures.

I’ve also decided to share this story for FREE so if you feel so inclined please go ahead and download it but DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!!

And enjoy 🙂

Mummy’s Smell Like Roses

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 4.19.05 pm


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