Work In Progress – sneak peek

Samurai Kids


When Sandy Fussell of the Samurai Kids series fame,tagged me in the latest meme I wasn’t sure I could take part because the requirement is for a writer to share 7 lines from page 7 or 77 of their current WiP.

Being a poet and picture book writer I don’t have many WiPs that venture past one page let alone 77.  Now of course I know that picture books are usually 32 pages long but when I write them I don’t tend to divide them into pages early on I just try to get the story down.

So what I thought I could do was share 7 lines from verse 7 of my current WiP and I hope that that will be ok.




Here goes…


Round and round and loopedy-loop the bloomers flailed and flew
Around the steeple, past the park, and through the petting zoo
And Betsy puffed and panted as she tried to keep in sight
Her flipping, flapping bloomers as they once again took flight

Up and up towards the clouds and then a mighty squall
Snatched the spotty bloomers as they left the city sprawl
Betsy stopped to catch her breath then off she dashed once more…


And there you have it 🙂


And Now I would like to tag…


Michael Gerard Bauer    Tania McCartney   Sue LawsonKatrina Germein

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