Feeling useful and a bit of trumpet blowing

You know, there is nothing more rewarding than feeling useful and today I got to feel very useful indeed thanks to a writer’s response to a manuscript edit that I did for them. Here’s what they said…

Wow!! What an awesome job you’ve done.  Your changes are so obvious but I would never see them in a million years.

I will purchase the ebook and I’ll have a go at my story again.  I’ll send it back to you soon after another polish.  Thank you so much.

trumpetFeeling a bit chuffed with myself I thought I might scroll back through some recent edit responses and share them with you here. I know I’m blowing my own trumpet but being a self-employed editor kind of requires me to do so. I hope you’ll bear with me.

Thank you for your help – your book especially has helped me to understand what I need to do.


Thanks soooooo much Jackie. You’re a gem!
Hey Jackie! Thanks so much! So good to have you go over this for me.
And another
Thanks for your comments which I had a good look at today – it really helped in rewriting the poem.
One more

Many thanks for all this. I have only had a chance to check briefly but it looks great. Some of the changes were so obvious but I couldn’t pick it. I am really delighted with your work. Thank you!

Last one

Thanks Jackie,  I would love you to continue as you have for the whole poem and invoice me for the lot. Very helpful suggestions!


Okay – I’ll stop now but if you have a children’s rhyming poem or story in verse that won’t behave itself why not take the plunge and send it over to me – we’ll soon get it sorted 🙂



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