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Thanks to Aleesah Darlison for tagging me in the Writing Processes Blog Tour. To read Aleesah’s answers to the blog tour questions please click here

Aleesah is a prolific author with an amazing number of books under her belt. She writes picture books, series and is actively involved in the children’s book writing community.

Aleesah is available for a wide range of Author Talks, Storytime Sessions and Workshops for both children and adults. She is available for pre-school, school and library visits and for writers’ festivals and conferences.

Click here for more information.


And here are some of her most recently published books…


Ok – so now it’s my turn.


What am I working on?Grass Tree

Well I’m always working on a poem or two. At the moment I have a couple rattling around in my head. One is about the clues that bush creatures leave and the other is about nicknames. Both of these came to me as I was doing one of my many walks through the beautiful Australian Bush. I also have a few picture book texts that will soon be hunting for a home, these get pulled out periodically for another spit and polish.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Most of my work is written in Rhyme and Meter. I’m a  big fan. It’s a tricky yet truly satisfying way to write. I try not to rhyme but I don’t know why because inevitably I find that I enjoy the rhyming process so much that to actively avoid it is a little bit silly.


Why do I write what I do?

Because I LOVE it!

Also because I like to write short and sweet, poetry suits this desire quite well as does writing picture book texts. While I cannot tell you how much I admire writers of the novel, I just don’t think my brain is designed this way. I see the world in snippets, flashes, snapshots, I’d probably have made a very good camera.


How does my writing process work?

In snippets, flashes and snapshots 🙂

But seriously, I’m not sure to be honest. I think with a first line, that’s usually the way it happens, and that, if I’m writing a poem, will determine the meter. For the two poems that I mentioned above – here’s what happened…

I was walking in the bush, nothing unusual there, and I kept coming upon piles of horse manure but there was no horse in sight and a little thought emerged…

I’ve yet to see the horse

Although the clues are strong

And while one wouldn’t normally think of a horse as a bush creature, it’s the idea that I like.

For the one on nicknames I remember, again while walking in the bush, looking at Rex (my dog pictured here) feeling slightly amused that we call him everything but Rex.  Roo, That Roo, Rooster or Rexy Roo and this popped out…REX


His name is Rex but we call him Roo

It’s such a family thing to do

Jemmima is my sister’s name

But we say Mima just the same

These few lines have been scribbled down and will stay scribbled until I have a moment where I cannot leave them any more. I will transfer them into a word doc and see what I can do, see if I care enough to keep going. As yet they are still just a few scribbles on a page.


Alright that’s enough about me – on with the tour. Debra will be posting her answers to the above 4 questions on Monday 14th April.

If you would like to be part of this tour – I still have room to tag 2 more authors. You will need to contact me before Sunday 13th April.

Thanks for reading.


Introducing Debra Tidball

When I see grandmaDebra is a parent, social worker and children’s author from Sydney. Her first picture book When I see Grandma has been recently released. It is a celebration of life and love drawn from her experience of having a parent with dementia, and reflecting the experience of many young families with ageing grandparents.

Her author royalties are donated to dementia research and care.

Visit her website www.debratidball.com to find out more. Her blog will be here: http://www.debratidball.com/blog.html 


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